Data Resources

Streamflow Data

  • Water Survey of Canada
    Historical and real-time water level and streamflow data. Upstream basin polygons here
  • For provincial streamflow data, see Provincial Data and Data Tools below

Meteorological Data (measured)

Meteorological Data (simulated/downscaled)

Terrain Data

Provincial Data and Data Tools

    Streamflow and level data across Alberta provided by Alberta Environment and Parks
  • BC Water Tool
    Streamflow, level, water quality, and climate data across Southern British Columbia developed by BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.
  • Ontario Integrated Hydrology Data
    Harmonized Ontario Hydro Network-National Hydro Network stream and water body vector coverage with hydrologically corrected DEM and flow direction raster data for the province of Ontario.
  • Ontario Flow Assessment Tool (OFAT)”
    Online map-based tool which creates watersheds, calculates watershed characteristics, executes simple hydrology models and reports water flow statistics.

  • Centre d’expertise hydrique du Québec (CEHQ) Hydrometric Data
    Water level, streamflow, and real-time forecasts across the province of Québec.

Other Datasets