This is an R package of functions (CSHS-hydRology) developed by and used by Canadian hydrologists.

The CSHS-hydRology library is intended to provide a suite of useful R tools for hydrologists, with a particular focus on supporting Canadian data and model needs. The intention is to share functions in a manner that the entire community of researchers and practitioners benefits from, and may contribute to, the package. The name of the package is in recognition of the support provided by the Canadian Association Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS), an affiliate of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA).


The CSHS-hydRology project is hosted on CRAN under https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/CSHShydRology/index.html.

The package may be installed directly within an R environment using the command ‘install.packages(“CSHShydRology”)’


This package contains functions which are grouped into themes. Currently the themes include:

  • Statistical hydrology (trend detection, data screening, frequency analysis, regionalization)
  • Basic data manipulations (input/conversion/adapter functions, missing data infilling)
  • Visualization (data visualization, standardized plotting functions)
  • Spatial hydrology (basin delineation, landscape data analysis, working with GIS)
  • Streamflow measurement analysis (rating curve analysis, velocity profiles, naturalization)

Getting Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved in the CSHS-hydRology project. Whether you are an R expert or have never used R previously,
anyone may contribute to this project.

  • Suggest functionality for the package that would be useful to a practitioner (such as yourself)
  • Write and/or review vignettes (help documentation) for the package
  • Discuss the project with colleagues, supervisors, and students to get more people involved
  • Contribute and/or review code for the package on Github

Feel free to get in touch with the group by joining our Slack workspace, joining the group on
LinkedIn, and signing up for the hydRology newsletter.


The CSHS-hydRology project has published a seminal commentary article in the CWRA Journal, entitled “R-functions for Canadian hydrologists: a Canadawide collaboration”. This
article is also available from the University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology publications page.


The CSHS-hydRology project typically has a number of workshops and sessions at the CWRA National Conferences, where current and prospective members meet to discuss the package, learn how to build R packages and contribute to them on Github, and share R-functions currently in development.


Examples will be regularly published in issues of Water News.

Steering Committee and Contributors

The steering committee is charged with ensuring consistent testing and quality control of the hydRology package and its documentation.

  • Kevin Shook, Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan
  • Paul Whitfield, Centre for Hydrology University of Saskatchewan; Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University
  • Robert Chlumsky, University of Waterloo
  • Mathew Lemieux, Klohn Crippen Berger
  • Dan Moore, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

The CSHS-hydRology project is also currently supported by a number of contributors and reviewers,

  • Sam Albers, British Columbia Institute of Agrologists
  • Joel Trubilowicz, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
  • Emily Anderson, Hydrology and Groundwater Services, Water Security Agency
  • David McCaffrey, Department of Geography, University of Lethbridge