Hydrology Related Programs in Canada

Canadian hydrologists come from many different academic backgrounds and there are many academic programs in Canada that offer hydrological science courses. Below is a list of known hydrology related programs at Canadian academic institutions. Note that each program varies widely in the extent in which they cover hydrology topics and you should use this information as a starting place for your research.

One consideration in choosing a program is if the program offers the ability for its graduates to obtain a professional designation. You can read about professional designations and why they may be important on our professional designation page. We’ve also included a column in the tables below that detail the designation that graduates of the program are eligible to obtain.

This list is a work-in-progress and a community collaboration, please email us (cshs at cwra.ca) if you notice a program that is missing from the list and we’ll add it asap.

College and Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

* Eligibility for designation is dependent on fulfilling the pre-requisite courses (often these are undergraduate courses) required by the provincial regulating body.