Professional Designation

What is a professional designation?

A professional designation demonstrates that you are a member of an occupational group that has entered into an agreement with provincial governments to formally regulate the activities of their members and license professionals within their respective professions. The value of self-regulation reflects the fact that the work of professionals is specialized, and best managed by the community of practicing professionals. Professional regulatory bodies strive to set and maintain high academic standards, relevant experience, and professional practice standards. These standards serve to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

Is there a Professional Hydrologist designation in Canada?

No, there is not.

Do hydrologists have professional designations?

Some hydrologists have these designations while some hydrologists do not. In Canada, hydrologists do not have a specific professional designation that covers the range of expertise underlying the practice of hydrology. The current professional designations in Canada that require some level of hydrology expertise include Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.), Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.), Registered Professional Forester (R.P.F.), Professional Bilogist (P.Biol), and Environmental Practitioner (E.P.).

What is the benefit of a professional designation?

A professional designation demonstrates to employers and clients that a person meets the requirements of knowledge, skill, standards of practice, and ethics for their profession. Professional designations can often be a requirement for employment in some positions.

How do I get a professional designation?

In Canada, the eligibility requirements are set by the provincial regulatory body and generally include academic core competencies, technical examinations, professional work experience, and knowledge of law and ethics.

Where can I find more information?

The CSHS explored the potential for creating a Professional Hydrologist (P. Hydro.) designation and decided not to pursue the creation of this designation (see memo). The CSHS Professional Desgination Report details the hydrology related  professional designations related in Canada (see Table 3-1). This webpage is intended to provide information on professional designations to hydrology students and academic institutions offering courses and programs in the hydrological sciences.