R Markdown with Dr Kevin Shook

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Markdown is a simple markup language for creating documents from text files. R Markdown combines the simplicity of markdown with the power of R, allowing you to be more productive, and making your work reproducible. Using R Markdown, you can create:

• self documenting notebooks of text, R code, and outputs,
• automated reports, including text, calculation results, tables and graphics,
• slide presentations,
• long format documentation for R packages, and
• documents including scientific/technical papers and books.
as html, pdf, docx or pptx files.

The webinar will show how to create all of these types of documents. The presentation is created in R Markdown, and will be provided so that you try the examples. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Kevin Shook, a Research Fellow with the Centre for Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan and a member of the CSHS-hydRology group. Dr. Shook has extensive experience in undertaking analysis with R in the field of hydrology, and in using R Markdown to write papers, share work, and create presentations.