Working with Canadian Data

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This free webinar is hosted by CSHS and is intended to provide a beginner introduction to using R packages to access Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) data source, including hydrometric data from the Water Survey of Canada (WSC). The R-project is a free, open source language commonly used in statistical analysis, with a large and growing usage in water resources and hydrology. This interactive, hands-on webinar is intended to provide participants an introduction to the tidyhydat and weathercan packages which provide access in R to hydrometric and meteorological data. Specific focus will be given to:

* A brief review ‘what is R?’, and an overview of basic R concepts,
* Provide an interactive, introductory tutorial to access ECCC data from R
* A review of how to ask for help in the R language

Note: Capacity for attending this webinar live is restricted to 100 people. We will be recording the webinar and all who register after the max will receive a copy of the webinar.